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IPhone Microsoldering

iPhone micro soldering is an act of soldering microscopic electrical components. Oftentimes iPhones need soldering but don’t worry you are on the best website for iPhone soldering. Apple doesn’t provide micro soldering service to their customers, but we are here to help you to repair your iPhone. Many people think they can repair their iPhone at home but they end up getting burnt or lit their iPhone on fire because micro soldering is a professional’s work. Do not try to do this at your home, it is extremely dangerous. Instead, you can contact us and we will repair your iPhone at a reasonable rate. 

We provide micro soldering services and are always ready to help you to repair your iPhone. We are helping people by micro-soldering their iPhones without any loss of their data. our technicians will repair your iPhone on time with the perfect use of soldering tools.

Micro Soldering Expert!

If you are facing the following problem then you might need a micro-soldering expert:

  • If your iPhone keeps switching off even after charging it with a working charger.
  • Your iPhone is turning on and off sporadically.
  • Your iPhones screen is not working properly.


No Touch, Touch Screen Issues, Multi-Touch Problems

No Back Lighting/No Display

Damaged Connector Replacements

Searching / No Service Issues


Instead of throwing your iPhone away, give your iPhone for micro soldering. We are working in this field for a long time and our technicians have proper knowledge about micro soldering. We have thousands of satisfied customers and we are there’s the first option when it comes to mobile phone repairing.


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