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Let’s Fix a water damaged smartphone

If your smartphone is causing trouble due to water damage repair, here you can get all information regarding water damage repair! Keeping your phone away from water during rainy days or when you are out somewhere like on the beach is not an easy task. Water enters the phone via ports, jacks, speakers, or from a sim card port. Water acts as a conductor when it enters the phone and can damage the phone. There are certain things that can make a situation worse like allowing the phone to dry on its own. If you let water stay on the phone it may lead to corrosion of circuits, coils, and resistors due to minerals in the water. Sometimes water takes time to reach vulnerable components. That’s why in some cases phones do not show any noticeable effects immediately but from the following day, those poor souls won’t be able to turn on their phones.

Dropping your phone in freshwater is not a good idea but just in case if you dropped your phone in the ocean in that case your phone will be in serious trouble. Ocean water is highly corrosive and will damage a phone’s components much quicker as compared to freshwater. You need to be extra careful while using your phone at the seaside.

Follow these steps to try to fix a water-damaged smartphone:

  •       Quickly take out your phone from the water and try to remove all the water immediately because the longer it stays in the water the more liquid will seep into the crack and into various inlets.
  •       Immediately turn off your phone and leave it.
  •       Remove the protective case if any.
  •       Try to open the back and remove the battery, external storage card, and sim.
  •       Take a cloth or paper towel to dry your phone. Do not move your phone much because by doing so you could accidentally push liquid into the phone’s more sensitive parts. Try to gently vacuum around the phone’s cracks and openings to suck more water out for the ports.
  •       Avoid keeping your phone in the sunlight, placing it in a cool and dry place.
  •       If possible try using silica gel packets they have proven to be more effective. Silica gel is the same product that comes with a shoebox. Fill a plastic zip bag with silica gel packets and keep your phone in the bag.
  •       After that try to turn on your phone. If it doesn’t turn on, try charging it and see if that makes a difference.

Try to avoid the following things:

  •       Do not put your phone in the microwave. It is very dangerous and your phone may catch fire.
  •       Don’t put your phone in the freezer because once you remove it and ice will start melting and you will be in the same situation.
  •       Do not use a hairdryer to dry your water-damaged phone because the heat can damage circuits.

Take your phone to Trusted Repair Shop:

If you have tried everything mentioned above and still your phone is not working, visit the phone repair shop. They are professionals and know how to solve the problem. This may involve some cost but you will get professional services and you will be able to protect your phone.


In case you are facing any trouble due to water damage on your smartphone, you can try our services! We pride ourselves to provide best water damage repair services. We are 24/7 available to help you out regarding all your smartphone or iPhone repair needs! Get in contact with us and we assure that your smartphone will be in good hands.



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